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Marta Arner, FL

Great service as usual!

Sayly Gonzalez, FL

Karen is the only one I trust with my skin!

Ray Palani, FL

My skin looks incredible. Wow. You're amazing!
What clients are saying...

Lex M.



This was the best experience I've had ever at a medical spa- she spent almost 5 hours on my skin, and took her time to treat my concerns genuinely with the best intentions! Karen was on the same page as me with helping me achieve perfect skin that doesn't require makeup, so blessed to have found someone to cares so much about my skin and I will be sticking to her from here on out!
Also the atmosphere and experience was very relaxing filled with aromatherapy scents/ and her massage techniques were exquisite!

Stacey                                                        Irene                                                                 Dina

























Marcia Pereira

9 months ago-

I have been a client of Karen for about 10 years. She is extremely knowledgeable about skin with many years of experience. I had Microneedling done. My skin was so beautiful I didn’t even need makeup.

Leah M.

Miami, FL


I recently have been struggling with my skin and could not find a solution to get it back to where it once was. After just 1 visit with Karen I was able to see a remarkable change in just 1 week! Karen knew exactly what to do and how to get the results I was so desperately looking for! Karen is AMAZING!!! 15/10!!!!


Eve Sofia Monroe

a year ago-

I have been seeing Karen for 3 years now I have never been so content with my results, I’ve tried everything, but her knowledge, skills and machinery, and especially the Crystal Microdermabrasion machine! nobody else has powerful machine like hers, she literally puts numbing cream beforehand)After that treatment I get micro needling Amazing combo and sometimes ultra sound and derma plain... I highly recommend her.




Jennifer K.

Miami Beach, FL



Karen's skin treatments are outstanding! I had mild acne scaring and after only two skin resurfacing treatments, the scars are barely visible. The products she sells are also top of the line and with regular use have made a huge difference in my skins overall health and appearance. Karen is a pro and every treatment I've had has been a relaxing experience with great results!



Ada M.


Doral, FL



I'd like to give my first comment to Karen! Bcs everything was so deep impressed on me. Karen is so nice, and she got very very professional and knowledgeable experience about problem skin. I been to other medical spa before, but I will never change since I met Karen, she also kindly give me free samples to use after facial. I am sooo glad I found Karen and wish it could happened earlier ;)




Miami, FL



In my opinion you really haven't had a facial until you have experienced a Karen Taylor facial.  Karen is a true professional and a perfectionist when it comes to skin. Karen takes her time, uses the finest products, and personalizes the treatment to suit your skin.  I'm currently treating myself to a series of microdermabrasion, peels and light treatments and my skin (I'm approaching 50) hasn't felt and looked this good in years!


Jeanne Light

Cutler Bay



I love going to Karen Taylor, she does everything for me. She does the BEST facials and microdermabrasion.(be prepared for the best nap ever during facial) she cleans up my eyebrows if they look uneven, she gets all impurities off your face (milia, blackheads, etc) Her microdermabrasion machine is the real deal. I have had it done at doctor's office and other spa's and told them it's ok to turn it up, they said "it is up" I made an appt for my husband to go for first time next week. I know he will love it also. (he just better not cut into my appt times!)


Posted on Yelp 9/29/2016

Angie F, I wish I would have gone to Karen MUCH sooner.  I am 28 years old and have struggled with acne and scarring for years. I had a bad flare up around April-May and have tried everything. I found Karen and only had read positive things online so I decided to give it a shot. She has done a series of microdermabrasians and facials that have left me acne free. I've continued going to her to maintain the AMAZING results she has helped me get and her equipment, advice, products are the real deal. I recommend her 9,000 times over.


Life Long Client

Posted on Bookfresh 8/10/2016
Elsa S. says:
Wherever Karen goes...I follow. Now I am the one going, but I will definitely be making the trip to South Miami to see Karen. Words are not sufficient when it comes to describing how good her service is...but I also want to add that Karen was the one who told me to see a Dermatologist about something above my lip...and it was a very good thing I followed her advise because it did require surgery for removal of cancer cells. Karen is wonderful and always bringing in new techniques to keep her clients looking better and better.



posted on Bookfresh 8/1/2016

Susan S. says: I truly enjoyed Karen's facial. It was informative, restorative as well as a relaxing experience. I will surely return for more.


Posted via text 7/8/2016

Ray S. says: Rhonda and I were talking and I wanted you to know I am thrilled with my recent treatment.


Must try!!

Posted on Bookfresh 6/24/2016

Julianne F. says: Fantastic experience!! Karen really know what she is doing and my skins glows every time I leave her office.


Must try!!

Posted on Bookfresh 6/24/2016

Julianne F. says: Fantastic experience!! Karen really know what she is doing and my skins glows every time I leave her office.


Posted via text 6/4/2016

Jen says: Hi Karen! Thank you again for today. My face feels great!


Posted via text 4/21/2016

Cindi says: OMG, it's amazing! Need another. How long do I have to wait?


Posted via text 4/21/2016

Ofelia says: My PT Doctor will contact you. She loved my skin and I told her it was all about you!!!!


Best Facial Ever!!!

Posted on Bookfresh 2/11/2016

Patricia D. says: /what a fantastic experience !! This was the best facial I have ever had !! My skin is glowing and it was SUCH a relaxing treat !!!


Thorough facial, great botox and fillers

Posted on Bookfresh 11/19/2015

Karen w. says: Karen's a real pro and goes the extra mile to give the best possible facial. And so relaxing. Plus, she does it all with TLC. Also loved the job done on me with botox and anti-aging injectibles by Dr.Anna Sottile. It was like a liquid facelift.


Fantastic experience

Posted on Bookfresh 11/11/2015

Cathy B. says: Will definitely recommend to friends. It's an overall experience of relaxation and well-being instead of just a facial. My skin looks great after just one visit.


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Stacy loved loved loved her facial!
Irene loved the results! My skin is even toned and really smooth!
Dina is very happy with the results and even her husband noticed a difference!
Dina's husband noticed a difference and didn't see anything wrong before!
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