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Meet Jennifer Lynn Gowdy

Ulthera Application’s Specialist


As a Senior Sales Consultant for Ulthera,

and with a portfolio of more than 500

patient cases performed, Jennifer has

been recognized as an award winning

employee for outstanding performance

in Ulthera unit installations and technician education.


Her “Super Protocol Method”

A thorough approach in the consultation experience begins by providing an unparalleled 30 minute client education session including an insider’s perspective of lifestyle, environment, the intrinsic aging process, the influence of hormonal changes and their impact on the progression of facial aging


The correct selection and qualification of treatment candidates ensures the highest aesthetic endpoints possible and genuine candor in expressing that not all patients are the right candidates for Ultherapy technology.


Jennifer establishes and sets REALISTIC procedure expectations with the intent to exceed them.


Jennifer has developed her own unique methods in pain management specifically designed for this procedure without the use of medication. These methods include vibration, contact cooling, massage, and Jennifer’s signature rotation and cross hatch power delivery method. Her goal is to achieve optimal outcomes, maintain safety and procedural efficacy while minimizing patient discomfort.

After two decades, Jennifer has decided to bring her genuine dedication, her skincare/ anti aging passion coupled with her professional expertise to the Ultherapy technology.  This decision has partnered her with your Health Care Practitioner in offering a Standard of Excellence for your Ultherapy experience.

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