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Brighter, Firmer, Smoother Skin

We have a wide variety of treatments that address the concerns we all have with aging. The newest treatment is Micro-Channeling. This treatment can be done during "lunch-time" with no visible signs that you just visited your esthetician. It will leave your skin glowing!

We can also reach deeper into the skin to work on wrinkles, pigment, enlarged pores and scars. Your skin will have a slight to moderate redness after the procedure that will begin to fade away, usually disappearing completely by the next day.

Peptides or Growth Factors are channeled into the skin, reaching more deeply than they ever could before when simply applied to the skin. This is when the magic occurs!

Visible results are seen after one treatment, imagine what a series of 3 or 4 will do.

Call or Text 786-325-9312

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